I'm Simon, and I'm a UI Developer and I've been building websites since I was twelve years old and all things web were angelfire and mIRC (shortly followed by ICQ).

I like {geek} stuff like films, tv shows, fantasy novels, video games, collectibles {my portal gun is epic}, gadgets and music.

I currently work as Lead UI Developer at Rawnet where I lead a team of like minded UI Devs and produce innovative digital solutions.

I could write a paragraph explaining my deep philosophy on how I like to craft meaningful experiences for the web, but basically I'm a nerdy guy who likes writing code and building cool shit, I get excited by stupid things and I'm ok with that.

I spend a lot of time working on internal processes and workflows trying to find the best way to do everything {this could potentially be due to my obsessive personality}, and I like writing javascript, clean organised code and paying attention to details.

Yeah that's me, I was a lot slimmer back then.


Below are some of the sites I have worked on, the majority being while working at Rawnet.


If you are interested in my work feel free to get in touch or connect with me:

Socially {awkward}


simon {a} dahliacreative.com

With minimum effort